Born Into Hatred

by Spawn of Typhon

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released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Spawn of Typhon New Jersey

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Track Name: Prologue
If you think you know death
If you think you know pain


Then you don't know me

Track Name: Conceived
Laid in waste
Waiting for the day to come
When my hell shall be unleashed upon this world
Until the day will pass
In sit stewing in my chamber of filth
Silently planning imagining proclaiming
I will be the one to bring this unforgiving world to its knees

Total hell unlike anything
You've ever seen before the fires will spread
Everyone will know my fucking name

As i grow so will my powers
Strength mind agility
To make you wish you were never born

Just in dreams wait until i get out of this purgatorial hell
Burst through this shell and take you over by storm
The one to end the human race

As the thoughts get darker my body gets stronger
By the day its about time to crack this fucking egg

No ones prepared for what is to come
This world will only understand with the cold grip of death
Touching their hand

The time has come time to stretch my legs
Show this world the true meaning of suffering
But no one can imagine just how bad this is going to be

I'm hatching....
This world is totally fucked

As i look past the cracks
See the light of day
I see no end there's no stopping me
Track Name: Hatched
As i step out of my home
My first steps on land
I smell the air of dirt and sand
A fever boiling in my blood
The taste of pure chaos is near to the touch
Rage fills my eyes as i get my first glance at you

Oh how sweet the blood smells
As i take my first steps closer to where
The fear is coming from
I've waiting so long and now my time has come
To slither, crawl my way into your lives
Just for a glimpse of hatching your demise

I will seem as no one
A snake in your grass
I hope you know this charade will not pass
You can't see right through me as i do you
But soon you shall see what i plan to do

Infiltrate Annihilate

You will see the
Being I'll become
Maybe rise to power
Opponents are none

Options limitless
Powers boundless
Life is meaningless
God id hopeless
Powers boundless
Life is meaningless
God is
Track Name: Growing
Almost at full size
Slipping by as some
Quiet unknown
Just a passerby with the thoughts of genocide
Fire engulfs my soul as it starts to take control
Of my every move every person i see

Just another casualty to where I'm suppose to be x2

Just when you thought it was save
That's when my true form shows and takes shape

If you came prepared i guarantee you're dead wrong x2

One death here or there
Is me trying to gauge what you're all about
Get a gauge of fear as i burn your whole house down
No one knows it's I I'm just a random passerby
Slipping through the cracks while i plan my next attack

Got my map of the place
My knowledge just complete
As my body reaches
Its final stage
Everyone should be afraid

If you're not you're dead wrong x2

Track Name: Arrived
The time is now take control of the land
My gaze reaches far beyond the sand
As we start here welcome to the world of pain
My claws extended
My teeth are sharpened
My mind expanded
They all will die

In my sea of fire they all will die
My discretion my desire
The flames will rise so will my power
This world is mine here's my vengeance
There....There's my tower

I start to climb
Blood on my face war behind me
death awaits all who'll try stop me x2

Bodies lay in my path
Like putrid waste
As i find Olympus
To tell the gods that I've finally arrived

Ledge by ledge
Olympus will fall x2

By god
Olympus will