Almost at full size
Slipping by as some
Quiet unknown
Just a passerby with the thoughts of genocide
Fire engulfs my soul as it starts to take control
Of my every move every person i see

Just another casualty to where I'm suppose to be x2

Just when you thought it was save
That's when my true form shows and takes shape

If you came prepared i guarantee you're dead wrong x2

One death here or there
Is me trying to gauge what you're all about
Get a gauge of fear as i burn your whole house down
No one knows it's I I'm just a random passerby
Slipping through the cracks while i plan my next attack

Got my map of the place
My knowledge just complete
As my body reaches
Its final stage
Everyone should be afraid

If you're not you're dead wrong x2



from Born Into Hatred, released January 20, 2017



all rights reserved


Spawn of Typhon New Jersey

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