from by Spawn of Typhon



Laid in waste
Waiting for the day to come
When my hell shall be unleashed upon this world
Until the day will pass
In sit stewing in my chamber of filth
Silently planning imagining proclaiming
I will be the one to bring this unforgiving world to its knees

Total hell unlike anything
You've ever seen before the fires will spread
Everyone will know my fucking name

As i grow so will my powers
Strength mind agility
To make you wish you were never born

Just in dreams wait until i get out of this purgatorial hell
Burst through this shell and take you over by storm
The one to end the human race

As the thoughts get darker my body gets stronger
By the day its about time to crack this fucking egg

No ones prepared for what is to come
This world will only understand with the cold grip of death
Touching their hand

The time has come time to stretch my legs
Show this world the true meaning of suffering
But no one can imagine just how bad this is going to be

I'm hatching....
This world is totally fucked

As i look past the cracks
See the light of day
I see no end there's no stopping me


from Born Into Hatred, released January 20, 2017



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Spawn of Typhon New Jersey

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